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About Us

Barking Irons lives at the Crossroads of clothing, spirits and music. Harnessing and celebrating the wellspring of American originality as it existed long ago and as it persists today.

Barking Irons was forged in the furnace of New York City’s infamous Five Points and Bowery. Shadowy places, literally and figuratively. Under the elevated railway that ran above it until the 1950s, the Bowery was home to the unwanted, the down-and-out, the disenfranchised.

But in those shadows, something unlikely was happening; the first truly original American culture was sprouting, fertilized by blood and sweat and laughter and booze.

It’s a culture that’s endured. A culture that we are proud of, kept alive by generations of this same unabashed spirit. The undesirables who would eventually become the most desired. The beacons of creativity in American literature, theater, blues, folk, art, punk rock, and Fashion.

The Bowery has always been a place that gave outsiders a voice. A place that allowed unrecognized things to exist before their time had come. It gave them a stage. It still does.

Barking Irons clothing and spirits carries on that Five Points and Bowery tradition. Creating and growing something enduring and original from the most unlikely of places.



Barking Irons was founded in 2003 by brothers Daniel and Michael Casarella. The brothers shared a passion for the way history found its way into folklore and vice versa and set out to explore that through the lens of the infamous Bowery culture of New York City.

It was there on the Bowery that the brothers officially set up shop in 2005, creating designer t-shirts, clothing, and accessories for some of the most-renowned retailers in North America and Japan. Steeped in the culture of Bowery and its myriad stories which often found their way into distinctly American music.

In 2008, the Casarella brothers linked up with creative partners Elliott Phear and Casey McGrath and produced an acoustic music series hosted out of the Barking Irons loft on the Bowery. This brought musicians into the Barking Irons world and quickly the atmosphere was ripe for collaboration.

In 2015, Elliott Phear & Casey McGrath formed Barking Irons Spirits to create a line of spirits that encapsulated the attitude and legacy of the Barking Irons brand and the inspiring history to which it pays homage. The first product is a 100-proof, made-in-NY applejack made from 100% New York apples, poured in over 100 NYC bars and restaurants.


About Barking Irons Clothing

Established in 2003 by brothers Daniel and Michael Casarella, Barking Irons is American storytelling told through American clothing. Born of a fascination for the history of Five Points-era New York, the Casarella’s set out to create garments woven with the mythic narrative of American folklore. Catapulting to the forefront of the graphic t-shirt movement, Barking Irons has become a wardrobe staple for the high-minded lowlife. In the rough and tumble spirit of Old Bowery, Barking Irons develops compelling and rebellious garments and products with brands that share a uniquely American point of view.

In 2007, Barking Irons began designing limited-edition tour t-shirts for Kings of Leon, paving the way for the creation of a music merchandise arm. Barking Irons now works with a myriad of musical giants including Billy Joel, Roger Waters, and Sean Lennon & Yoko Ono, creating carefully crafted merchandise that channels modern musicians through the lens of an old Bowery music hall. The Casarellas continue to grow the Barking Irons brand, and will be releasing a new accessories collection for SS2016.

About Barking Irons Applejack 

In America’s earliest days, apples were one of the most abundant and readily available resources for spirit-making. Back then, hard cider was a cleaner alternative to water, so our ancestors were making and drinking plenty. Then, they decided to take it one step further…

Through a process known as “jacking,” these innovative imbibers created a spirit known as Applejack. To do so, they would freeze their cider, and when the water content had turned to ice, they would remove it, revealing a truly powerful spirit.

Today, our applejack-making methods are more refined, but at 100-proof,  Applejack is as strong as it’s always been, and it definitely ain’t sweet. Learn more at and by following @BISpirits