We think our product speaks for itself. But it’s not the only one talking…

Silver Medal Winner, 2016 NY World Wine & Spirits Competition ny16SILVER-250x250rgb

Bronze Medal Winner, 2016 SF World Spirits Competition S16BRONZE-smallRGB

Silver Medal Winner, 2016 SF World Spirits Packaging Competition S16SILVERPKG-250x250rgb

“this is a young applejack that nonetheless manages to squeeze a whole lot of character out of that youth. Worth a look for apple brandy fans.” DRINKHACKER

“…what everyone should be drinking…” – FOOD & WINE

“Warming maple and oaky vanilla, with a hit of clove and cinnamon heat on the finish. It’s 100 proof; try it mixed with grenadine and citrus in a Jack Rose or in other cocktails.” – BLOOMBERG

“Made with 100% New York apples, this newly released spirit, akin to a fine brandy with a beautiful apple nose and finish, may soon be the “it” drink poured across the country. If you can find a bottle, get it!” – HUFFINGTON POST

“…think of this as a trip to go apple picking in a glass.” – WALL STREET JOURNAL

“Although the drink eschews grain in favor of the Empire State’s number one fruit, it still goes down surprisingly similarly to a bourbon….A sip of the 100-proof applejack is subdued in its sweetness, revealing notes of pepper, caramel, and cocoa in the finish. It’s sensational neat, or as a substitute for bourbon or rye in a Manhattan cocktail.”  – VILLAGE VOICE

“Is applejack poised to become the next rye or bourbon?” – MARKETWATCH

“..a lightly spicy and definably apple spirit that’s not too sweet. Ultimately, it’s a successful modern take on an old idea.” – PASTE

“Barking Irons Applejack feels like it’s right out of a 1920s speakeasy and it certainly possesses some of that notorious NYC attitude.” – THE DIELINE