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Red Scare Infantry Green

Red Scare


Color: Infantry Green

Created as a nod to the cultural political cartoons often found around war time combined with 1960’s grotesque hot-rods of Ed Roth. The Red Scare, refers to periods throughout the 20th century when Americans were fed propaganda in order to induce an artificial nationalism against the fear of communism or radical leftism. This nationalism which fostered Xenophobia, Anti-immigration, and fears of Russian influence seems to have returned in the modern age as Americans rely more and more on partisan controlled media and corporately controlled government.

“I tried to get the spirit of this shirt to feel like a woke-veteran might have drawn it in protest. In reality it means a whole lot more. In the age of the great information flood, Americans need to wake up and realize that there’s something in the water before they drink it.” – Daniel Casarella / designer

Vintage Silkscreened. Brando Fit. Signature scalloped-hem detail. Ever-so slightly-raised sleeves. Half-inch neck rib. Perfectly Tailored. Washed to supreme softness and comfort. 100% cotton. Made in America.